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Babies pick up on your moods very easily. If you’re stressed and filled with dread when bedtime approaches, baby will pick up on that.

Stressed parent = stressed baby. Make the nighttime routine peaceful and serene. Try to stay calm and relaxed when you hold or interact with your baby. Keep your voice low and evenly-modulated. Start winding down an hour or so before bedtime. This gives baby time to calm down.

Avoid over-stimulating activities in the evening. Instead, try playing soft music or reading to baby. Confine vigorous activity to the morning or afternoon. While baby needs to be stimulated and exposed to new things, don’t plan these things close to bedtime. A warm bath is also a great way to help baby relax and prepare for sleep.

Some babies like to be in the crib for a while before sleep. Try putting baby in the crib and staying in the room with him. You can read or play music while he winds down and prepares for sleep. Give baby time to relax and he’s likely to go to sleep without any drama.


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