One thing that all babies have in common is that they're creatures of habit. Therefore, having predictable routines is beneficial for babies but also for the entire family.

When babies have an established routine, they know what is going to happen next and this makes them feel safer and happier.

In case you don't know what kind of routines you should have, how to implement them as well as solve any issues related to them, make sure that you keep reading.

#1: Eating Schedule:

When your baby knows that when he is hungry, you will feed him, this will make him more happy and relaxed. Plus, in case you're breastfeeding, you should know that having an eating schedule will also help your milk supply to be more consistent.

The best way to implement an eating schedule is to take him to a quieter room when he shows the first signs that he might be hungry. Most babies tend to start fussing and rooting and this is the time that you should take him away.

Even though you're advised to feed your baby every three hours, the truth is that you shouldn't look at this schedule as a routine. It's far better to have a pattern than to have a rigid timetable.


#2: Playing Time:

Even though your baby may be very little, it's important to have a gentle playtime during the day. Anything related to their blankets, toys, toes, and fingers will arise their curiosity.

The best time to start a playing routine is to take the moments when your baby is more active and alert. This is usually after eating. One of the things that you can do is to start showing him his toys, read to him, or anything similar.

One of the biggest concerns most parents do is that their babies ability to focus is very short. However, this is perfectly normal. Just 5 or 10 minutes of playtime for your baby is more than enough.


#3: Bathing Routine:

Either if you decide to bathe your baby in the morning to wake him up and at the night to make him feel comfortable before he sleeps, this will depend mostly on your baby.

The truth is that both your schedule and your baby's temperament have an influence on the best time to bathe him. However, you need to make sure that you have a more or less consistent timing for it. Make sure that you're not in a rush and that you have everything that you need before the bath.

One of the main parents complaints is that their baby’s keep crying during the bath time. This is not uncommon. Some babies don't like to be undressed and they feel that the water is uncomfortable. Just try a different kind of tub.


#4: Bedtime Routine:

Sleep is a crucial part of your baby's life and for the entire family as well. This is why bedtime routines are one of the most important routines that you should have.

The best time to put your baby to sleep is between 6 and 8 pm. After this period, your baby tends to get overtired and he will have a lot more problems falling asleep. Most parents like to mix the bathing routine with the bedtime routine. They start by bathing the baby, provide them with a light massage, and snuggle with a book in a calm and soothing voice.


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