5 Benefits of Swaddling a Baby

Swaddling your baby might seem a bit like an old-fashioned practice to some - However, there are many incredible benefits that are certainly worth considering. 

Here are five benefits that might make you considered using the baby swaddle swaddling method.


1. Anxiety relief

Swaddled babies are prone to experience less anxiety and feel more protective, due to the soothing action of swaddling. Babies feel more protected when swaddled because the experience reminds them of the maternal womb, a comforting and safe environment to them.


2. Improved sleep patterns

Swaddled babies tend to have a much deeper and longer sleep. In addition to that, swaddles also prevent infants from waking up suddenly.


3. Prevent startle reflex

Babies often awake or feel distressed due to their own startle reflex: swaddled infants are much less susceptible to this issue, as they are all safely wrapped-up!


4. Less crying

Swaddled babies are likely to cry less, since they feel more comforted.


5. Decrease risk of SIDS

Items such as pillows, blankets, toys or comforters in a baby’s crib are often linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), although the reason why such issue occurs is still largely unexplained, certain environmental factors seem to be linked to an increased SIDS risk, including getting too warmed up, sleeping on overly soft surfaces or fluffy pillows (which might obstruct a baby’s respiratory patterns)

Swaddling your baby means you won’t need to rely on the items listed above as much, therefore decreasing the SIDS risk factor exponentially.


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