6 Fall Activities You Must Do With Your Kids

While it seems that you have no problems finding great activities for your kids during the summer, the fall is a different season. Even though temperatures may not be as warm as they were just a while ago and you just can't head to the beach, the swimming pool or the lake, there are a lot of activities your kids are going to love.

Here are 6 fall activities your kids are going to love:

#1: Autumn Leaf Art

Gather the most beautiful leaves you can get with your kids in the backyard or at the park and let them dry. Then, it's time to give your kids the opportunity to let their imagination fly. Let them draw, write, and doodle on the leaves. Metallic sharpies tend to fit quite well in this activity.

Then, just display the leaves on a board and welcome the Fall.

#2: Apple Stamping

Most kids just love apple stamping. All you need is a couple of apples (make sure the size of the apples fit your little one's hands). Put the paint of different colors, each in a different paper plate, and just use a foam brush to apply the paint to sliced apples.

Hand them over to your kids as well as the paper for them to use.

When the stamping is complete, you can take the seeds from the apples and glue them as well.

#3: Plant Something

Kids love to get dirty. So why not take them to the garden and plant some bulbs. An outdoor activity where they will be able to see the results in a few weeks. You can bet it will sound the best idea ever to your kids. Planting with your kids will not only have a positive effect on their body but on their brain as well.

Some of the best bulbs to plant in the fall are dutch irises, species tulips, darwin hybrid tulips, and parrot tulips.

#4: Visit an Orchard

Take your kids to your local orchard. It's time for your kids to see how great nature is. There are so many activities available at an orchard - go for a hayride, pick some apples, grab a pumpkin, and enjoy a cider donut or two!

#5: Use Acorns

Fall is the synonym of acorns. And if you have plenty of them, why not taking advantage to make some beautiful paintings with your kids?

You can either paint them by using different colors or you can put some faces on them. Your kids are going to love them.

#6: Camping Trip To The Backyard

Kids love camping. So, why not put a tent in your backyard and spend the night there? Just tell stories by the campfire and take the time to have some marshmallows and other treats your kids love. Look at the stars and enjoy.

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