Dangers Of Baby Powder + Easy DIY Diaper Balm Recipe

Babies and baby powder seem to go together. At least they used to. Now, pediatricians and the American Cancer Society are recommending that parents avoid using baby powder containing talc on their babies. If you're wondering what all the talk about talc is, you're not the first parent to express concern. Here is a break down of the reasons why medical professionals are warning against using this substance.

Risk For Respiratory Complications

Talc, which is a very fine mineral substance, consists of hydrated magnesium silicate. These tiny particles are so light they easily become airborne and inhaled by your baby. Once the powder is inhaled, any one of the following may occur:

  •   Shortness of breath
  •   Wheezing
  •   Difficulty breathing
  •   Drying out of the mucous membranes
  •   Airway obstruction
  •   Pneumonia

Risk Of Future Lung Complications

Even if your baby does not show any immediate signs of respiratory issues, that doesn't mean all is clear. Future problems are a possibility, mainly because talc in its natural state sometimes contains asbestos. The American Cancer Society suggests studies concerning lung cancer are not 100% conclusive. In other words, there is a possibility someone could get lung cancer from exposure to talc that contained asbestos. However, it is difficult to determine how many talc products have asbestos in them. For this reason, it's safer to avoid talc altogether.

Risk Of Potential Cancer For Female Babies

Female babies have an even higher risk of danger when using talc powder. According to the research, there appears to some association between talc use in the genital area with ovarian cancer. The information about uterine cancer is still a bit murky and the American Cancer Society has stated that further studies are needed to explore this topic.

Caring for your bundle of joy means taking every precaution to ensure he or she is protected. Avoiding talc powder reduces your baby's risk of harm.

The best way to make sure that you are using the safest ingredients around the baby is to make your own products.  We want to share with you a quick and easy baby balm recipe that you can feel good about.

La Lune Naturals Diaper Balm Recipe


1/4 Cup La Lune Naturals Zinc Oxide Powder

1/2 Cup shea butter

2 Tbsp La Lune Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil


1. In a double boiler, gently melt shea butter over low heat. When almost melted, stir in coconut oil and continue to heat until fully melted.


2. Remove from heat and allow mixture to return to a semi-solid state. (Place mixture in the fridge if you’d like to speed this process up)


3. Add non-nano zinc and optional essential oils (if desired).


4. Mix thoroughly.



5. Place mixture in a glass jar to store for future use.


Did you make the recipe? Share with us in the comments below!


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I sure did and it worked like a charm. I’ve tried everything, literally! I am going to make more DIY recipes! Thank you for sharing! :-)


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