How To Breastfeed With Toddlers In The House

Are you worried about breastfeeding your new baby with toddlers running around?

Breastfeeding your new baby is a magical time of bonding and enjoying your little bundle of love. When you have other kids in the house, especially toddlers, breastfeeding can become a challenge.

Here are a few ways to survive those first few months of breastfeeding with toddlers.

Keep them close

Breastfeeding with toddlers is done best when toddlers are kept busy but still feel close to you. Toddlers may feel left out while you constantly hold their new brother or sister. Finding activities that they can do while they sit by you makes them feel included in what you're doing.

Having a special box of toys that you only bring out when you are breastfeeding, can keep your toddler interested while you nurse. You can place the box of special toys right beside you on the couch. Make sure to put the box away after you are done nursing so the toys stay special to your toddler. Next time it's time to nurse, remind your toddler of the special toys they get to play with. Keep breastfeeding fun for you and your toddler. 

Read a book

Books are another great way to add fun to breastfeeding with toddlers. After latching your baby, you can read a book to your toddler on the couch. It's best to avoid sitting in a chair if you are breastfeeding with toddlers in the house, as they always want to sit by you and will climb up and try to squeeze their way in. Keep a stack of books nearby so you have something to grab when it's feeding time.

Get them involved

It's normal for toddlers to feel jealous of the new baby, so if your toddler isn't liking all the time you're spending with their brother or sister, find some ways they can help out. Toddlers love to help and they can do simple tasks that make them feel more important in your eyes. Ask your toddler to bring you a diaper, burp cloth or baby blanket. Your toddler could help you burp the new baby by helping pat the baby on the back with you. 

Use a baby gate

Keeping an eye on your toddler is challenging while you breastfeed. Consider getting a baby gate to section off areas of the house you don't want your toddler exploring while you nurse. Everyone knows that with a toddler, silence is scary. Sectioning off part of the house will ensure your toddler is within viewing distance so you don't' have to get up and see what they are doing. 

Ask for help

New mothers always need help, so it's okay to just ask for it. Take people up on their offers to babysit other kids, cook meals and clean your house. Friends and family want to support you, so go ahead and ask them to hang out with your toddler in another room, take them to the park or just sit and color while you are learning to breastfeed. Those first few weeks of learning to hold your baby and getting the perfect latch are important, so take the help of others when they ask or visit.

 Make sure you are praising and rewarding your toddler for good behavior around the baby; extra kisses and hugs go a long way when there is a new sibling in the house. Breastfeeding with a toddler can be a happy experience for you and your little one if you take a few steps to prepare fun and safe activities. 


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