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The 40 weeks leading up to the birth of your first baby is, frankly, pretty long and slow-moving. More than anything else, you're probably going to spend your time wondering -- wondering what the birth process will be like, wondering how much sleep you'll get with a newborn, and wondering what little personality your child will develop.

In reality, the baby will likely spend the first few weeks -- or months -- sleeping in a bassinet next to your bed. Therefore, you don't need to make yourself go crazy with putting the finishing touches on everything before contractions start. Organizing and decorating, however, is an easy way to keep your mind from wandering too far into the future.

Step 1: Clear it out. It’s time to clear out your house’s “storage room”. It is the perfect time to do a cleaning of old items that you have been hoarding that you just don’t need any longer. Once you have a blank slate, it's easier to envision the overall look of the nursery.

Step 2: Pick a color palette. If you're not sure what hues you want to work with, pull inspiration from the chosen crib sheets or a precious art print. Don't be afraid to defy gender norms or choose colors that don't scream "baby." Use a color scheme designer to help determine combinations that you love. Unexpected combinations include bright orange, aqua blue and slate gray; baby blue and cherry red; or pale green, lemon yellow and pastel pink.


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Step 3: Select a motif or theme. This isn't strictly necessary, but some parents like to pick an image to run through the nursery. Obvious options include jungle animals, teddy bears or the alphabet. Get creative with less common themes including storybooks, sailboats or owls.

Step 4: Pick a piece of furniture and build the rest of the furniture collection around it. A unique crib might be the focal point or a great oversized cushioned glider. Select the rest of the furniture to complement the look of that special object so you don't have a white crib next to a cherry wood changing table.

Step 5: Add colorful décor and accessories. Think logically about where items should be placed - it makes sense to put your children's books, whether in a basket or a bookshelf, near the glider, where you'll be doing most of your reading. Don't forget a colorful lamp so you can see the books during a bedtime story! Place a colorful picture or mobile over the changing table so your baby has something to look at while getting their diaper changed.

Step 6: Add storage -- a lot of it. Once you have your baby shower, you'll realize that babies come with a lot of stuff. Purchase baskets for extra toys and blankets. A mason jar makes for a fun holder for pacifiers.

Step 7: Look for safety hazards. When your baby is in the doorstop phase -- meaning, they can't move on their own -- there's less to worry about. But when they start wiggling around 3 to 4 months, watch out! Get down on the floor and look at things from a baby's point of view. Window blind pulls are a hazard, as are electrical outlets. Even the gorgeous crib set that you bought comes with its own set of safety concerns. Skip the set and purchase a number of fun printed fitted sheets; crib bumpers and quilts shouldn't be used due to the risk of SIDS.

Step 8: Don't get too attached. After you bring your bundle of joy home, you'll likely find things that don't work in your nursery, whether it's the placement of the changing table in relation to the dresser or the type of storage you're using.

Organizing and decorating your first baby's nursery is half the fun of being pregnant. Enjoy it because, by the time the little one comes, you might not have as much time and energy to devote to this task.

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