Sleep Baby, Sleep Series: Tip #1, Cool it!

Just like adults, babies sleep better when the room is a little cooler at night. 

The human brain is programmed to maintain a cooler temperature while we sleep. You can help by keeping the nursery comfortably cool which will tell baby’s body and brain it’s time to sleep. Most babies sleep best when the temperature is 65-70°F.

Just a few degrees can make all the difference in how well baby rests. With a slighter cooler temperature, baby is more likely to stay asleep longer and sleep more deeply.

Ifyour baby’s room doesn’t have a separate thermostat, use a fan or leave a window slightly open until the room cools off to the optimal temperature. It’s important to make sure baby is never too close to the window or the fan. Check the room frequently to make sure it’s not too hot or too cold.

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