Sleep Baby, Sleep Series: Tip #7, Middle of the Night

Some babies are very sensitive to light. If your baby isn’t sleeping well, try placing blackout or light blocking curtains over the windows in the nursery.

First, you don’t have to change a diaper after every feeding. Unless the diaper is soaked or your baby has a diaper rash or very sensitive skin, it’s okay to leave the diaper on and wait until morning. Sometimes changing a diaper requires turning on the light and moving baby quite a bit. This can wake him up and signal to him that it’s play time.


Secondly, if you’re nursing, consider pumping into a bottle for nighttime feedings. That way you can trade off with your partner and you can get a solid night’s sleep every other night.

During nighttime feedings, keep the lights as low as possible. Don’t make eye contact with baby. Feed, change a diaper if necessary, gently cover with baby blanket, and get baby back to bed. Don’t stimulate him or give him any signals that you’re ready to play or interact. Both of you need your rest so you’ll be ready to play tomorrow.

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