Traveling with baby, the easy way.

Are you traveling with baby this holiday? Traveling is never easy but especially when you need to make sure that all of your baby’s needs are met while you’re on the go. After all, you need to be prepared for any event that may occur but you also don’t want to be traveling with a million things.

Here are 5 easy things to add to your “to pack” list that will make sure that you’re fully prepared to travel with baby this holiday.


#1: Ziggy Baby Burp Cloth Bib

Burp cloth bibs are an absolute essential when you're traveling with a baby. Feeding baby on-the-go can be messy and our burp cloth can really come in handy.


#2: Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blanket

Swaddling your baby is something that you're pretty used to doing while you’re at home so you don’t want to break the habit while you’re traveling. A swaddle wrap is comforting. If you’re breastfeeding it can also come in handy as a cover when you’re out and need to feed baby.


#3: Baby Carrier

While a stroller is a must, a baby carrier is another one. Although it seems you're taking two objects for the same function, the truth is that many tourist attractions and museums don't allow strollers. So having a baby carrier with you can be really helpful!


#4: Sanitizer Wipes

During your trip, you'll be in public restrooms, airports, having meals on the go, among so many other things. So, make sure that you take some baby-safe disinfectant wipes with you.


#5: Painter’s Tape

If you are staying in a hotel while traveling, this tip is for you! In case your baby is already a crawler, you want to make sure that your hotel rooms is baby-proofed. So, just use painter's tape to maintain drawers closed as well as to cover electrical outlets.


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