Unique Baby Shower Game Ideas

There are lots of fun and exciting things taking place at the typical baby shower, but one of the most memorable and most exciting parts of any baby shower is the games the guests get to play. Everyone loves to play games, and the right baby shower games can turn even the most ordinary baby shower into a memorable event.

The right baby shower games can help to break the ice and allow guests to get to know each other better. Baby showers tend to bring together widely divergent circles of friends, from family members to coworkers to old and new friends. Playing games is a great way to let everyone relax and enjoy this joyous occasion. Some of our favorite baby shower games include:

The Nursery Rhyme Game – This game pits guests against each other in a fun contest to see who can name the most nursery rhymes. Additional points can be given for reciting them from memory. This is a great game for allowing guests to relive their own childhoods while getting ready to welcome the new addition.

Baby Scrabble – Get out the old Scrabble board, but limit the words to those which are related to pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing. This game can be a great way to stoke everyone’s imagination and creativity.

A Baby Related Word Scramble – If a Scrabble board is not available, a word scramble makes a good substitute. Give each guest a set of letters and ask them to come up with as many baby related words as they can.

Baby Charades – This game gives a new twist to this old favorite. Think of a word or phrase related to babies and enjoy the fun as everyone tries to guess.

Don't Say "Baby"! - Everyone at the shower receives three clothespins and attaches them to their outfit. During the shower, you can't say the word "baby". If you hear someone say "baby" you can take one of their clothespins and attach it to yourself. Whoever has the most pins by the end of the shower wins a prize! 

My Water Broke! - Freeze little baby figurines in ice. When your guests arrive have everyone take one "baby" and place it in their drink. When the ice fully melts, have them yell "my water broke!". The first person whos water breaks wins a prize!

Baby Box: Fill a box with some baby items (ex: rattle, pacifier) and put a hole on the top of the box. Have your guests stick their hand inside the box for 20 seconds. Then have them try to write down everything that they felt. Whoever gets the most items correct, wins! 

Who's That Baby?: Before the shower, have your guests send in a baby photo of themselves. Print them out and have all the guests at the party try to guess who the baby photo belongs to. 

No matter what type of games you choose, it is important to tailor the games you plan to the tastes of the guests, and of course the guest of honor. Taking into account such things as the ages of the guests and their interests is a great way to make sure that everyone has a fun and memorable time.


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