10 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas


You've announced that you're pregnant, and now it's time to let everyone know whether you'll be welcoming a baby girl or baby boy. Gender reveal parties or events are a trend that is quickly becoming popular for new parents.

Some couples choose to find out the gender in advance and then surprise friends and family at the event. Other couples keep the secret even from themselves, allowing a trusted friend to know the truth and set up the reveal.

Whichever way you decide to go, here are some cute ideas to inspire you.

Break a piñata.

A piñata is fun at any party, and it can be created to reveal your secret. You can buy a gender reveal piñata with pink or blue confetti, but you can also make your own and include anything you want. You could even stuff your pinata with colored candy. 

Let each guest at the party take a swing at the piñata until one person breaks it open and reveals the big news.

Get guests to guess with colored Kool-aid.

Get guests in on the fun by making two pitchers of Kool-aid, one pink and one blue. Hand out clear plastic cups and ask guests to make their predictions by choosing one drink or the other. When everyone has a drink in hand, reveal the gender and let everyone toast the new baby and family.

Pop some balloons.

Have helium balloons filled with blue or pink confetti. Pass these out to your guests along with something sharp, and ask everyone to pop their balloons at once. Everyone will be showered with pink or blue paper.

You can make this into a guessing game by filling both pink and blue balloons. Ask guests to make their guesses by choosing one balloon or the other. When the balloons are popped, the confetti inside will reveal if they were correct.

Paint yourselves with water guns.

This is a messy choice but creates photographs you will always treasure. Hold your event outside. Give each guest a water balloon filled with either blue or pink paint. You and your immediate family should be wearing white. Stand in a circle surrounded by your guests and have them shoot at you with the paint guns. The color that covers you will reveal the new baby's gender. Be sure to have a photographer standing by.

Have a pink or blue bonfire.

Have an outdoor party by the firepit or hold a bonfire for this gender reveal event. Get guests together for a cookout and some fun. The highlight of the evening will be when you add flame color to the firepit and the flames reveal the gender of your child.

Make a volcano.

This is a fun activity for expectant siblings or young cousins. You can create your own volcano and fill it with lava that it either pink or blue. When the time comes for the reveal, have a child push the button that causes the volcano to explode. The lava will reveal the secret.

Rev up the reveal with car exhaust.

Do the parents love their cars or motorcycles? You can incorporate that into the excitement with car exhaust coloring in either pink or blue. After a party, have the new parents jump in their vehicles and drive around the block. The color of the exhaust coming out of the tailpipes will tell the baby's gender.

Pass out colored drink powder.

Put colored drink flavoring into white envelopes to pass out at your party. Give each guest a bottle of water, and have guests simultaneously pour their powder into their drinks. If the water turns pink, it's a girl. If the water is blue, it's a boy.

Make a mess with silly string.

If you don't mind some clean-up, silly string is a festive and crazy way to enjoy a gender reveal. Give each guest a can of silly string in pink or blue. Count to three and shoot the silly string into the air and all over the party guests and new parents.

Stuff a box with balloons.

This is a popular gender reveal activity because it is so much fun and results in some wonderful pictures. Stuff a large box full of helium balloons in pink or blue. When the new parents open the box, watch the balloons fly joyfully into the sky, revealing the baby's gender.

It's not necessary to have a big event to reveal the gender of your unborn child, but it can be a great time for friends and family to bond over welcoming a new member to your clan. If you choose to have a gender reveal party, we hope these 10 ideas inspired you!


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